Three Words to Avoid in Emails

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) October 2, 2007

MailChimp conducted a study of its customers’ email campaigns and found that some of the most harmless words can spell disaster when included in email subject lines. Because of bulging inboxes and an endless torrent of spam, the study found that readers treat new emails as guilty until proven innocent. The study concluded that if an email marketer wants their emails to get read, both by friends and business contacts, there are a few words that a marketer would be well served to avoid.

Based on the results of this study, MailChimp has created a list of the top 3 words to avoid in a subject line based on analysis of over 200 million emails:


Never put the word “help” in the subject title. It may be like a crime in progress where passer-bys keep on walking, or maybe most readers have just reached their respective capacity to “help”, but most readers do not respond to this word. The reluctance to open “help” messages may also stem from well-known scams asking for assistance. The most common source for these scams is Nigeria. You can read more about email scams in the New York Times.

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While it may be counterintuitive, the stronger the commercial pitch in the subject line, the less likely it’s going to be read. Consumers have had to become savvy in navigating their email inbox – as soon as an email smells like a sleazy offer, it’s zapped with the delete button.


Always avoid using the word “reminder” in the subject line. If a marketer needs to send out a reminder, MailChimp recommends avoiding the word “reminder” and, instead, communicate in the subject line that there is useful information inside that the reader is going to want. Analogous to “reminder” is repeating the same subject line for a particular event and sending out several emails in advance. The first email may get read, but after that it’s splitsville.

The three innocuous words above are joining the rank of other all-too-popular spammy words like: Free, Sex, Cialis, etc. Not only will an email not get read if the subject line or body is peppered with these spam words, odds are it won’t even get to the reader. And getting an HTML email to the targeted inbox has become even more of a challenge, thanks to firewalls and spam filters. The net result is an obliterated email that never gets to the intended recipient.

By avoiding the three words mentioned above, email marketers should be more successful in getting their intended audience to open their emails.

About this study

MailChimp analyzed over 200 million emails as part of this study looking at email open rates and subject lines. To read more about this study, as well as MailChimp’s secret formula for writing the best email subject line, visit the Resource Center.

About MailChimp

MailChimp provides do-it-yourself email marketing services worldwide to over 10,000 small businesses, design agencies, non-profits, restaurants, and e-Commerce sites. With MailChimp you can create professional, eye-catching HTML emails in minutes. At MailChimp it’s “Your Logo, Not Ours”. We do not add any marketing messages or logos to your email. Try out MailChimp’s free trial to see how the Chimp can work for you.


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ClearTrial, a leading provider of clinical trial software for clinical operations planning, budgeting, and outsourcing, announced today that Kristin Lucas, Director of Account Management for ClearTrial, will share innovative strategies for optimizing clinical trial planning at the Center for Business Intelligence (CBI) Clinical Trial Forecasting and Budgeting Conference. The conference, to be held February 7-8 at the Marriott Philadelphia West in West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, provides the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry with the latest tools, technologies and methods for improving clinical trial feasibility, budget accuracy and contract negotiation.

During the conference, Ms. Lucas will present “Achieve Speed and Cost Savings when Using New Clinical Development Strategies” – a topic of ever-increasing importance given the rapid adoption of new clinical development strategies and technologies. She will review multiple new clinical development strategies, including the Functional Service Provider (FSP) outsourcing model, Electronic Data Capture (EDC), global studies, and preferred provider relationships, and highlight the areas in which clinical professionals should expect to find cost and time savings in a clinical budget and forecast. Just as importantly, Ms. Lucas will point to common pitfalls in these new strategies which often lead to hidden increases in clinical trial costs and time. The session will offer real-world examples of how organizations are dramatically compressing both the time and cost of clinical trial planning, forecasting and execution.

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AIG Global Real Estate Executive Named CEO Of ORCO Property Group’s Hospitality Business : Keith Lindsay to Lead ORCO’s Hospitality Investment Development and Asset Management Business, Which Focuses on Central Europe

NEW YORK & PRAGUE, Czech Republic (PRWEB) June 3, 2008

ORCO is a leading investor, developer and asset manager in the Central European real estate and hospitality market. It manages $ 2.5 billion in assets. The Hospitality Group owns and operates luxury boutique hotels and luxury serviced apartments in the major capitals of Central Europe.

At ORCO, Mr. Lindsay will oversee operations and asset management of all hotel properties and new investments.

Said Jean-Francois Ott, President of ORCO Property Group, “The Central European hospitality market is growing quickly, and the pace will accelerate even more as a number of countries become qualified to join the Eurozone. ORCO is committed to making the most of this growth and helping to facilitate it. Accordingly, we’re delighted to bring on a leader with Keith Lindsay’s experience and entrepreneurial spirit. His track record creating successful hospitality ventures throughout the world, including Central and Eastern Europe, and his on-the-ground experience running major hospitality companies in the region will benefit our operations, investors and clients.”

ORCO hospitality properties include the Pachtuv Palace in Prague, the Hotel Le Regina in Warsaw, the Andrassy Hotel in Budapest and the recently opened Pokrovka Suite Hotel in Moscow. The portfolio also includes nine hotels and resorts in Croatia, such as the recently renovated and reopened Amfora Pool and Harbour in Hvar.

Said Mr. Lindsay, “I’m very excited to join an organization that has deep roots in and is well-positioned to leverage the growth of such a dynamic part of the world. ORCO, and the hospitality industry overall, have tremendous opportunities as the Central European markets expand and complete the integration process in the European Union.”

Prior to AIG Global Real Estate, Mr. Lindsay was head of Russia for ACCOR, the world’s leading hotel group, and, before that, COO of Envergure Louvre Hotels, the second-largest European hotel chain. He has also served as vice president for Europe investments for Intercontinental Hotel Group plc and has held a number of positions at the Walt Disney Company. He holds an MBA from IESE in Barcelona.

For more information or a headshot of Mr. Lindsay, please contact Adria Greenberg of Sommerfield Communications at 212-255-8386 or

About ORCO Property Group

ORCO Property Group is a leading investor, developer and asset manager in the Central European real estate and hospitality market, currently managing assets of approximately EUR 2.5 billion. Operating in Central Europe since 1991, ORCO Property Group is a public company, based in Luxembourg, and listed on the Euronext, Prague, Warsaw and Budapest Stock Exchanges. ORCO Property Group operates in a number of countries including, mainly, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Croatia, Germany and Slovakia. ORCO Property Group is continually analyzing investment into new territories.

ORCO Property Group is also sponsor of the Endurance Real Estate Fund, a Luxembourgregulated closedend mutual fund (fonds commun de placement – fonds d’investissement sp


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